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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Building an Outdoor Kitchen

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Building an outdoor kitchen is a simple way to add value to your home. Unfortunately, mistakes made during the construction can lead to disaster. To help you avoid losing money on the outdoor kitchen, here are some mistakes to avoid. 

Failing to Call the Gas Company

If you are installing a gas grill in your outdoor kitchen, your first step should be to call the gas company. One phone call can help you avoid safety mistakes that could prove hazardous to you and your family. The gas company can alert you to any code restrictions in your neighborhood. You can also receive information on which permits are necessary to set up your grill.  

Most importantly, the gas company can help with the installation of gas connections and locating existing gas pipes that are on your property. Even if you decide to do the work yourself or hire someone to do it, the gas company can check the connections to ensure there are no leaks.  

Choosing Indoor Appliances 

The appliances you select for your outdoor project will need to withstand a range of elements, including temperature fluctuations, possible exposure to rain, and wind. Indoors appliances, such as those currently in your home, are not designed for this task. The constant exposure to the elements can cause them to become discolored and break down frequently.  

Therefore, it is important that you select appliances that are specifically made for the outdoors. The appliances should be marked for outdoor use.  

Forgetting Ventilation

One mistake that is relatively common is forgetting to properly ventilate the kitchen. Many homeowners believe that because the kitchen is outdoors, there is automatically enough ventilation to keep the appliances cool. However, this is not entirely accurate.  

If your appliances are installed close together, the heat emitting from both of them can rapidly increase. Without the right ventilation, the heat can cause the appliances to overheat, and this could result in a breakdown. The lack of ventilation can also lead to dangerous gases building up over your stove, and this could lead to a fire or worse. If you are unsure of the right ventilation, a contractor can help you design and install the vent system.  

Many of the mistakes that you could possibly make while building your outdoors kitchen are avoidable. Rely on professionals, such as the technicians at a gas company such as Taylor Gas Company Inc and contractors, to complete your project as safely as possible so you can enjoy your kitchen for many years to come.